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The number of people who consume vegetarian meals is on the rise. This creates a prestigious business opportunity for any restaurant.

Including vegetarian options in the menu gives the restaurant a competitive advantage, attracts a whole new range of customers to the business, and increases the degree of satisfaction of its usual customers.

This is why we offer a complete and customized service for the implementation and certification of 100% plant-based dishes on the menu of each restaurant. Furthermore, we provide reliable training to the staff.

This process is carried out by Maria Aragão, author of the book “Omeletas sem ovos” (Omelettes without eggs), who already carried out more than a hundred training actions on vegan cuisine.

We offer 3 degrees of certification:

You’ll find at least some vegan options.

Most of the menu is vegan.

The menu is entirely vegan.

Do you own a restaurant/cafe and would love to have vegan dishes but don’t know what to do?

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