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Vegetarian nutrition is currently of general interest!
Which is why VEG AND GO! Porto is a map with specific information on the most diverse locations where you can find vegetarian and vegan options and a few curiosities.
Cities like Berlin, Barcelona, London and Turin are already considered Vegan Paradises by their lifestyle. Whether for health, cultural, religious, political or ecological reasons, the way these people are consumed is differentiated, and the cities that comprise this public tend to profit economically from this segment from the local and tourist perspective.

The first printed map of the vegetarian Porto’s center!

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Download it now!

We have marked about 50 vegan, vegetarian and vegetarian restaurants, only in downtown Oporto!
Since the physical map doesn’t allow you to insert much more, and because the offer does not stop increasing, we decided to make the map available in PDF! Get it out, print it or save it on your mobile phone and enjoy the discoveries around town!

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